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Little Baby & Co are a UK based charitable non profit organisation established on 9th November 2011.
Run by a small but dedicated voluntary team of founders with the help of grieving parents, knitters, crafters, fundraisers & supporters.
We aim to improve services offered to parents whilst they go through the difficult physical and emotional areas of early miscarriage by supplying many families and UK hospitals with care packages consisting of our innovative “easy to dress” gowns designed to cater for the specific dressing needs of delicate babies born between 10 & 16 weeks gestation, pocket wraps for babies under 10 weeks gestation, a blanket, two tiny teddies so parents can have a replica of their baby’s forever companion and memorial keepsakes which bring about a sense of dignity, comfort & belonging to create precious memories in their time of need.
We also offer subsidized wooden coffins for those who are unable to have a traditional funeral and temporary coffins for babies to be transported within hospital and health care settings in a dignified manner.
Our motto is “every baby deserves dignity regardless of gestation”.

For the latest COVID-19 updates please visit https://littlebabyandco.com/covid-19/

We offer follow up emotional support for those affected by the loss of a precious baby.
We specialise in the care of babies under 18 weeks as this is a gestation that is often missed by many other charities.

Won Special Recognition Award At The Butterfly Awards 2017

Finalist At the Butterfly Awards 2018