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Little Baby & Co’s Guide To Dressing Angel Babies

Little Baby & Co aim to provide dignity for angel babies under 18 weeks Gestation.

If you are crafting with another organisation for angel babies you might find our guide useful.

When providing care packages for a baby of any gestational age there are many considerations to think about and it is so easy to project our own tastes onto the creations we make, after all they are made with love and wonderful intention but we must remember this is not a creative outlet, we are catering for the very specific needs of tiny delicate angel babies.

There are many things to think about such as the gestation of the baby, religious and cultural beliefs of the parents, sex of the baby.
I have done voluntary work within the baby loss community since 2011 and have built up some personal knowledge in these areas, I am not stating that this is “the only way” but I have had much success with the hospitals that Little Baby & Co Supply, we do feel that early loss angels is our specialist area.

In every stock that we send to a hospital we always send predominately white, cream or lemon, we will also send 1 pink set, 1 blue set and 1 alternative bright set, this allows nurses to offer the parent choice where appropriate.

We DO NOT send bright colors in bulk to hospitals as on one occasion our donation was sent back!
If you are knitting/crochet it is best to use a fine stitch on small needles/hook(in case little fingers get caught in loops) using baby soft wool.
If you are sewing gowns the ideal fabric would come from donated wedding dresses.
Silk is the kindest on delicate skin, if using printed cotton please be mindful that if the print on the pattern is bigger than the baby, when being photographed baby may not be the main focus, so the smaller the print, the better.

19 – 22 Weeks Gestation
It is difficult to tell the gender of a baby that is under 20 weeks, we recommend white,cream or lemon, a full layette would consist of a small white gown, receiving blanket, a matching hat, two teddies, a keepsake item and a non religious poem.

13 – 18 Weeks Gestation
A layette for this age range would typically include a our signature tiny angel gown or triangle angel wrap, receiving Blanket, a hat made from stockinette, tied with a little white bow, a knitted “ice cream tub” basket, two teddies, a keepsake item and a non religious poem.

12 Weeks & Under
Layettes For tiny babies can be tricky, depending on what the hospital will accept, but a rule of thumb would be a small triangle angel wrap, a slightly bigger receiving blanket to act as a secondary comfort to the parents two teddies, a keepsake item and a non religious poem.

Teddies are hard to create in a size to compliment such a small baby, we would recommend silk teddy embellishments in the place of knitted teddies.

Sizing For Week 7 to 15 Weeks Baby Loss