Baby Loss Items Explained

We are a small charity dedicated to preserving the dignity of babies lost to miscarriage who are too small and fragile to be easily dressed. We have researched and designed a range of items that will help you to give dignity to your sleeping baby in a way that will allow you to remember your little baby dressed or wrapped snugly.

All our items are made for us by our very dedicated team of volunteer crafters.

Penny Bear:

Our tiny bear who is so small she will fit snugly on top of a 1p coin.

Penny Bear has a simple outline and smiling face that appeals to many parents. Penny is the smallest size bear we produce and is just the right size to be held in the hands of babies between 10 – 16 weeks.

Penny can also be snuggled beside babies under 10 weeks.

Triangle Wraps:

Our wraps come in a range of sizes. Our smallest size is ideal for babies under 10 weeks and for those who are very small and fragile. We also provide wraps for babies up to 16 weeks who cannot wear our gowns. Some of our wraps carry our logo and all wraps come with either a fabric or knitted blanket. Our varied knitted designs avoid lace and raised stitch work to reduce the risk of accidently harming a little baby.

We know how scary it can be to gently handle such a small baby and our advice would be to gently scoop baby up with a spoon head first and slip the spoon into the pocket and allow baby to slide down into position.

This task is often easier if baby has been laid in saline solution previously, you can find information on this via the “Urgent Miscarriage Advice” page.

Miscarried Baby Burial Gown®:

This gown has been researched, created, tried & tested by Little Baby & Co to be as non invasive as possible.

This is an official government registered® design.

To dress your small baby you can lay the gown open flat in its Y shape. The baby can be laid upon the fabric that is the inside back of the gown.

The two flaps can then be brought down crossing overlapping each other across the chest.

The ribbon, which is attached to the back, is gently tied to close the gown.

We have found this is a non invasive way to dress a baby born under 14 weeks gestation.

We have both the original sewn version or the embroidered sewn version. It may bare our logo and we have a range of sizes to meet the needs of the different babies.

Wooden & Eco Friendly Coffins

Our specialist wooden Fetal Coffin® allows newly bereaved parents to be able to lay a baby under 12 weeks gestation to rest at home in a dignified manner!

Our Eco Friendly Coffins are sympathetically foil printed with holographic shimmery rainbow details with the words “Rest In Peace Precious & Loved Sweet Baby” which is more suitable wording for multi faiths & religious views….inside is a silky layer foil printed to mimic a soft quilted base, plush pillows and our signature penny bear so baby always has a friendly companion in their forever bed.

This eco friendly burial option means that in time baby can be poignantly ”given gently back to Mother Earth”

Both coffin options will sent will also include one mini blanket, a matching burial wrap, two tiny Penny Bears plus our signature keepsake poem card that feature our contact details on the reverse.

Early Miscarriage Awareness Day

Little Baby & Co are here for parents facing earlier loss for whatever reason be that a chemical pregnancy, ectopic, blighted ovum as well as those who face the difficult decision to end a pregnancy for ANY reason. We offer online emotional support for all family members and have an online candle light ceremony on the 9th November called “Early Miscarriage Awareness Day” to provide those going through early loss a safe space to honour their babies brief lives.